Course Offerings - Spring 2018

Areas of Competency and Course Codes:
CC: Cultural Competency
ML: Ministerial Leadership
RHS: Religious Heritage I- Scripture
RHTH: Religious Heritage II- History and Theology
SF: Spiritual Formation

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8:00-9:30am ML 403 Encountering the Living Word: An Intro to Preaching (Plenary) Beckman Rm 207  
8:00-11:00am RHTH 406 Grace Incarnate: The Lutheran Confessional Heritage Kurt Hendel Rm 201  
9:30-11:00am ML 403LA Encountering the Living Word (Lab) Beckmann Rm 207  
12:00-1:00pm RHS 410 Greek Periocopes Blanton Rm 203  
1:00-2:30pm ML 403LB Encountering the Living Word (Lab) Beckmann Rm 207  
1:00-4:00pm RHS 602B Psalms: OT Graduate Biblical Seminary Klaus-Peter Adam Rm 202  
1:00-4:00pm RHTH 302 History and Theology II Peter Vethanayagamony Rm 208  
1:00-4:00pm RHTH/CC 501 Christian Mission and World Religions Mark Swanson, Dirk Ficca Rm 201  
6:30-8:30pm CC 400 Spanish for Ministry Francisco Herrera Rm 203 Joint w/Wartburg. Limit: 6 LSTC students. Students registering for 2 semesters may opt to complete all written and oral requirements, pay tuition and receive 1 course credit.
6:00-9:00pm CC/RHTH 507 Future of Creation: Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar Lea Schweitz, Woloschak Rm 201  
8:00-11:00am ML 301 Ministerial Leadership I Kadi Billman Rm 208  
8:00-11:00am RHS 406 Israel's Prophets Klein Rm 201  
8:00-11:00am CC/RHTH 604 Contemporary Theology of Mission: Graduate Mission Seminar Peter Vethanayagamony Rm 208  


RHS 488

Hebrew Exegesis II Hiebert MTS meets w/MTS B 322 Intro to Hebrew Exegesis II @ MTS
12:00-1:00pm RHS 409 Hebrew Pericopes Klein Rm 204  
1:00-4:30pm CC 301B Public Church I: Methods for Engaging a Public Church Thomas/Schweitz Rm 202  
1:00-4:00pm RHS 601B Jesus as Healer: Restoring the Body, Community, and Earth in New Testament and Early Christian Perspectives Barbara Rossing Rm 201  
1:00-4:00pm ML 405 The Sacramental Landscape: An Introduction to Worship Benjamin Stewart Rm 208  
5:00-6:00pm CC 401 Public Church Fellows Matthew James Rm 201 Meets 1st Tuesday each month: 2/5; 3/6; 4/3; 5/1
6:30-9:30pm ML 508 Pastoral Ministry to Women and Femmes Kathleen Billman Rm 201  
6:30-9:30pm RHTH 602 The Modernity of Our Discontent: Graduate Theological Seminar Vitor Westhelle Rm 208  
8:00-11:00am ML/CC 510 Contemporary Thinkers in a Global Era Richard Perry Rm 201  
8:00-11:00am ML 404 Teaching Disciples: Introduction to Religious Education Christine Wenderoth Rm 202  
1:30-4:30pm RHS 301A Jesus Within Judaism: Religious Heritage Scripture I Barbara Rossing Rm 201  
1:30-4:30pm SF/ML 501 Ministry and Awareness: Self, Others, and Contexts Gordon Straw Rm 208  
1:45-3:15am RHTH 500 Advanced Arabic Readings Mark Swanson Rm 203  
6:00-9:00pm RHS 301 Jesus Within Judaism: Religious Heritage Scripture I Andrew Guffey Rm 208  
6:30-9:30pm RHTH 407 Narratives of Resistance Jose David Rodriguez Rm 201  
8:00-11:00am RHTH 302B History and Theology II Vitor Westhelle Rm 201  
8:00-11:00am SF/RHTH 502 Mystics Mark Swanson Rm 202  
9:30-10:50am RHS 501 Advanced Greek Readings Krentz Rm 204  
1:00-4:00pm SF 301 Spiritual Formation I Gordon Straw Rm 350  
4:00-7:00pm ML 303B Ministerial Leadership II/Ministry in Context Terrence Baeder Rm 201  
9:00-11:00am RHS 488 Hebrew Exegesis II Hiebert MTS meets w/MTS B 322 @ MTS
9:00am-4:00pm CC/RHTH 413 Muslims in America Michael Shelley Rm 201 Meets 6 Friday's: 2/23; 3/9, 23;
4/6, 20; 5/4
9:00am-4:00pm ML 409 Missional Leadership for a Public Church Bouman Rm 205 6 Friday’s TBA
Online and Other          
Online RHS 403 The Life and Letters of Paul Thomas Blanton    
Other CR017 Continuing Relations: Part-Time and Full-Time Faculty Advisor  
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