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Summer 2022 - Summer 2023 Academic Calendar

Summer Semester 2022   -
May 16-27 Summer Term
Fall Semester 2022   -
August 29-September 2 Orientation
September 5 Online Registration for Fall and J-Term ends
September 5 Labor Day (no classes)
September 6 Fall Term Classes Begin
September 7 Opening Convocation
September 12 Last Day to Add/Drop a Course
October 18-21 Reading Week (no classes)
October 24-26 Seminary Sampler
November 14 Online Registration for Spring Term Opens
November 21-25 Thanksgiving Recess (no classes)
December 9 Fall Semester Ends
December 10-January 8 Christmas Recess (no classes)
J Term 2023   -
January 9 J Term Classes Begin
January 9 Last Day to Add or Drop a Course
January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (no classes)
January 27 J Term Classes End
Spring Semester 2023 -
February 5 Online Registration for Spring Term Ends
February 6 Spring Term Classes Begin
February 10 Last Day to Add/Drop a Course
March 6-7 Seminary Sampler
March 20-24 Reading Week (no classes)
March 28-29 International Student Seminary Sampler
April 3-7 Holy Week (no classes)
April 9 Easter
April 17 Online Registration for Summer and Fall 2023 Opens
May 12 Spring Term Classes End
May 20 Baccalaureate Service
May 21 Commencement
Summer Semester 2023   -
May 22 Summer Break Begins
May 22-June 2 Summer Term
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