LSTC Stories

Dave Hedlin accept alumni award Five distinguished alumni honored at Homecoming 2021 LSTC presented distinguished alumni awards in a ceremony held online in October 2021. The five recipients— with varied years and experiences of service—expressed deep gratitude to the school, their families and all those who have cheered them on.
Craig Mueller shares his 'My LSTC story' “LSTC is a bridge between church and world. It was true when I was a student several decades ago and it continues today with the seminary's Public Church curriculum.”
George Zachariah shares his 'My LSTC story' “LSTC’s location on the South Side of Chicago is a constant reminder to be suspicious about the theological reflections, missional models, and ministerial practices that are coming from the locations of power and privilege. This prophetic suspicion is constructive as it re-forms theology and de-centers the Church.”
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