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President James Nieman during commencement 2021 Commencement 2021: A year of asking, and now facing, 'What's next?' On May 15-16, LSTC 2021 graduates celebrated their accomplishments and experiences as seminarians in their own homes through a baccalaureate online service and recorded commencement video.
An Overflow of Abundance: Barbara Rossing and Lauren Johnson “We help future preachers proclaim Jesus’s abundance as a transformative vision of healing for congregations and for our world." -Barbara Rossing
Vance Blackfox at Vine Deloria Jr. Symposium Vance Blackfox: Shifting the narrative of mission and service A profile of alum Vance Blackfox, ELCA desk director for American Indian Alaska Native Tribal Nations, director of Other + Wise, and Vine Deloria Jr. Symposium facilitator.
Dave Hedlin accept alumni award Five distinguished alumni honored at Homecoming 2021 LSTC presented distinguished alumni awards in a ceremony held online in October 2021. The five recipients— with varied years and experiences of service—expressed deep gratitude to the school, their families and all those who have cheered them on.
Hery Andrianotahina Naivoson Madagascar pastor returns home as a systematic theologian Hery Andrianotahina Naivoson says Madagascar is the land that taught him life, and LSTC is the second home that taught him who he is, where he is, and where he is headed.
Strategic plan update: Accomplishments & focus on new priorities Learn about year one successes in LSTC's strategic plan, alongside new priorities for the second year.
Ralph Klein small thumbnail Alum reflects on the legacy of professors Klein and Krentz Alum Tim Brown shares stories and a reflection about professors Ralph Klein and Edgar Krentz.
Mirrors and windows: Saints are for Lutherans, too Alum Tim Brown see saints as examples of virtues and vices, to be learned from, sometimes emulated, and worth a second look by a Lutheran church that claims to love an embodied faith but has often only whispered about this sacred tradition.
Brian Eklund ELCA A public pastor for a public church Alum Brian Eklund shares stories and insights from 45-year ministry.
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