LSTC Stories

Jose David Rodriguez LSTC Speaking truth to the church: three global theologians reflect on LSTC, TEEM and joy in the midst of struggle José David Rodríguez, Javier “Jay” Alanís and Eliseo Pérez-Álvarez all have wide-ranging areas of expertise at the intersection of global, Latinx and Lutheran theologies. They reflected on theological education, LSTC, the cost of their call and where they find joy in May 2021.
An Overflow of Abundance: Barbara Rossing and Lauren Johnson “We help future preachers proclaim Jesus’s abundance as a transformative vision of healing for congregations and for our world." -Barbara Rossing
Wagner and Wickware podcast Podcast with humble beginnings surprises & delights Two LSTC faculty members explore relevant topics in ministry today and engage with students and the community through their podcast.
Melissa Hrdlicka LSTC Wisconsin native turned Chicago dweller ready for her future in ministry MDiv student Melissa Hrdlicka reflects on her LSTC journey, favorite classes and experiences, and next steps.
Hery Andrianotahina Naivoson Madagascar pastor returns home as a systematic theologian Hery Andrianotahina Naivoson says Madagascar is the land that taught him life, and LSTC is the second home that taught him who he is, where he is, and where he is headed.
TEEM program provides bridge from Baptist to Lutheran LSTC's TEEM program offers accelerated, cohort-based learning opportunities for emerging church leaders like Sean Ramsey.
Strategic plan update: Accomplishments & focus on new priorities Learn about year one successes in LSTC's strategic plan, alongside new priorities for the second year.
Ralph Klein small thumbnail Alum reflects on the legacy of professors Klein and Krentz Alum Tim Brown shares stories and a reflection about professors Ralph Klein and Edgar Krentz.
Mirrors and windows: Saints are for Lutherans, too Alum Tim Brown see saints as examples of virtues and vices, to be learned from, sometimes emulated, and worth a second look by a Lutheran church that claims to love an embodied faith but has often only whispered about this sacred tradition.
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