LSTC Stories

PhD graduate learned the language and earned her degree(s): 'God prepared the way' Junnawatt [now a professor in Bangkok] was first interviewed at LSTC during the 2016-17 academic year. She was experiencing the United States, and its Christian majority, for the first time, and said, “Everything I learn, I keep thinking how can I apply it at home, to my context there?”
Seminary ambassador: How Lane Lewis jumped from limited seminary knowledge to telling LSTC’s story “I have realized that LSTC has a profound impact on my faith, on the pastors that have informed my faith, and on the greater church.”
Ji Bu: from Myanmar to Chicago to become a theologian “Without this scholarship, I could not have come to the U.S.A. and be exposed to the world best academia.”
Juan Perea takes distance learning to a new level "Even at a distance I feel connected... I feel and see at LSTC a very strong spirit of community and I am happy to be a part of this big family.”
Kilian Schrenk: A voyage to study, learn and experience American Lutheranism In Chicago, he wants to learn about the impact and relevance of Reformation Lutheran theology among the American churches. He believes what he’s learning at LSTC is different, creative, contextual, appropriate and unique with academic accreditations and recognitions... He believes LSTC helps students to “experience theology.”
Lois and Bill Williams: Giving as a way of making the ordinary extraordinary In many ways, Bill and Lois’s giving was incredibly ordinary. But it is not an overstatement to say that without consistent generosity of supporters like Bill and Lois, LSTC would not be able to train future leaders.
Cecie Suknaic Saulnier holding her Rush University Medical Center Chaplain card Cecie Suknaic Saulnier: A poem from my overnight on call shadow A poem from my overnight on call shadow by Cecie Suknaic Saulnier
Kenneth and Eloise Dale Retired missionaries, teachers, Kenneth and Eloise Dale embody LSTC's values “LSTC has always been very close to my heart,” said Kenneth Dale (Augustana, 1950, MDiv), when he and his wife, Eloise, made a leadership commitment to Giving Day. The Dales embodied many of LSTC’s values and commitments in their long ministry in Japan and even after their retirement.
Portrait of Kurt and Jobey Hendel Hendels privileged to share gift they hope will inspire others “Dedicated” and “love” sum up the Hendels’ relationship to LSTC, to the church, and to each other. Together they have supported the seminary and the church in many and various ways.
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