LSTC doctoral student Brach Jennings receives Eric W. Gritsch Memorial Fund Fellowship for Reformation Studies February 15, 2019

Brach Jennings, a doctoral student in systematic theology at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC) has been awarded the Eric W. Gritsch Memorial Fund Fellowship for Reformation Studies for 2019. The $5,000 fellowship will support Jennings’s studies with Dr. Jürgen Moltmann in Tübingen, Germany, from April thru July 2019.

Jennings will do an independent study with Moltmann on the topic of a constructive, Trinitarian theology of the cross using James Cone and Martin Luther.  The work is related to Jennings’s upper-level field exams and doctoral dissertation. Moltmann is also serving as co-advisor for Jennings’s doctoral studies along with and at the invitation of Dr. Linda E. Thomas, LSTC professor of theology and anthropology.

"I am proud and excited that Brach Jennings is the recipient of the prestigious Eric W. Gritsch Memorial Fund Fellowship in Reformation History,” said Dr. Linda E. Thomas, professor of theology and anthropology at LSTC and Jennings’s advisor. “This fellowship is timely as Jennings will soon depart to study with Jürgen Moltmann in Tübingen this coming April. Reformation Studies will take an interesting turn when he puts two theologians of the cross, James Cone and Martin Luther in conversation with each other. There are few if any confessional theologians who have responded to Cone’s body of work in relation to Luther."

Jennings said, “I am deeply honored to receive the Eric. W. Gritsch Memorial Fund Fellowship for Reformation Studies.  This Fellowship has affirmed my call to be a Lutheran confessional theologian and made my work with Dr. Moltmann financially possible.” 

The Eric W. Gritsch  Memorial Fund Fellowship for Reformation Studies is awarded to a scholar pursuing studies in Reformation history and/or theology. The goal of the fellowship is to support research projects in Europe where the proposed research would benefit substantially fro being on-site. Recipients of the fellowship are required to submit a brief written report on their research and experience to the Gritsch Fund board within one month of their return; to make the report available for use by the Gritsch Fund for its website and promotional materials; to present the results of the research at an even sponsored by the Gritsch Fund in Baltimore, Md., within a year of return; and to acknowledge the Eric W. Gritsch Fund in any subsequent publication.


Gloria Vicente

Jan Boden
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