A new Faith-based Learning Community

Does your congregation have a thirst for deeper faith formation that could be satisfied through interactive, experiential, conversational adult education opportunities provided by a seminary? The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago is creating a pilot Faith-based Learning Community, that welcomes all participants, values differing viewpoints and seeks to open us to trust the transforming power of God’s grace, mercy, and justice for all!

Pilot objectives:

  • Create a sense of belonging

– through –

  • Churchwide community engagement that is grounded in Lutheran theology and creates an inspiring environment to learn together
  • LSTC-facilitated learning opportunities that lead to churchwide networks for on-going learning and faith enrichment

Register your church below for this Fall's four-week session which will begin on Sunday, October 16th. Professors will teach one lesson, twice per week. Participants may either join class on Sundays at 1:30pm or the following Wednesday at 7:30pm, each will be approximately 90 minutes long. Individual members of your congregation may register here.

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