2021 CASIRAS Lecture

The Center for Advanced Studies in Religion and Science (CASIRAS) hosts quarterly lectures grounded in how science informs our religious understanding of the cosmos which God has created.

The next event will take place Wednesday, December 1 at 5 p.m. Central.

Dr. Heidi Hammel, Vice President for Science at AURA, a consortium that operates large astronomical observatories, will present Will the James Webb Telescope See God?. Dr. Hammel will use this question to frame her presentation, starting with explaining what “James Webb Space Telescope” is (and especially how it differs from Hubble). She will then describe what and how Webb will “see” the cosmos. As to whether Webb will see God, Dr. Hammel will provide her take on this question.

Please register below. Upon registration, a Zoom link will be provided to participants.

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