Public Church Lecture 2019

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 “In Search of Our Better Angels: A Brief History of American Civil Religion”

February 28, 4 p.m.
Third Floor East Conference Room, LSTC

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Dr. Philip Gorski, Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies, Yale University

Faculty respondents - Dr. Eunyung Lim, Dr. Jose David Rodriguez, Dr. Marvin Wickware Jr.

Our present polarization has many causes. One is the long-running battle between those who believe that the United States was founded as a secular democracy and those who believe it was established as a Christian nation. In his talk, Philip Gorski argues that our founding tradition was a synthesis of both sacred and secular sources. He traces the history of this civil religious tradition from Puritan times through to the present day, reflects on how it might help heal our political division and concludes with some immodest proposals for repairing our torn social fabric.

Philip Gorski is professor of sociology and the director of graduate studies at Yale University. He is a comparative historical sociologist whose work focuses on  topics such as state-formation, nationalism, revolution, economic development and secularization with  particular attention to the interaction of religion and politics. His latest book is American Covenant: A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present.

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This lecture is funded through
The Rev. John R. Albright and Salome Shettel Albright Lectureship Fund 

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