The Albert “Pete” Pero Jr. Multicultural Center


The goal of the Multicultural Center is to be a resource for the whole church: local congregations, synods, seminary communities, and the churchwide expression. The purpose of the Center is to bring together laity, students, theologians, and others to discuss and develop strategies that address basic questions and issues related to being a multicultural church.

About the Multicultural Center

One of the marks of LSTC is its commitment to provide multicultural theological education for all. At the same time, LSTC is committed to the preparation of students from under-represented ethnic constituencies for rostered leadership in the ELCA and the world. Approximately half of the seminary's PhD students, as well as a significant number of D.Min., MDiv and Masters degree students, are international students or students of color from the United States.

Our world is not culturally static, but globally dynamic. We serve African Descent, Arab, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic (Latinx/Latino/Latina), Native American (First Nation), and Euro-American constituencies. Truly, we serve a mighty God and our calling is awesome.

Future goals for the Multicultural Center include:

  • to sponsor courses (offered through LSTC) each year for lay persons as well as for students
  • to offer annual institutes that address different aspects of multiculturalism
  • to provide regular space, time, and place for discussing issues related to multiculturalism

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