Doctor of Philosophy

"At LSTC, I am learning new methodologies for studying the Bible that are not really introduced in Japan. When I complete my studies, I will go back and contribute to the church in Japan, hopefully as a professor of New Testament.”"

Mayuko Yasuda, LSTC PhD Candidate, New Testament

LSTC provides a rich learning environment for advanced theological study where the classical theological disciplines are held in conversation with the contemporary world. Our partnership and proximity to the University of Chicago and 11 other denominational seminaries provides opportunities for study with distinguished faculty, a broad course selection, and access to premier theological and research collections at JKM Library and the University of Chicago’s Joseph Regenstein Library. International and ecumenical students represent a large and important part of our program with contributions to theological dialogue and community life.

Students can complete the PhD degree in the fields of Old Testament, New Testament, historical studies, theological studies (including concentrations in Christian ethics/ church and society, religion and science, systematic theology, and theological anthropology), and world Christianity and mission.

Advanced Studies Core Commitments

  • Fluency in theological scholarship (incl. scholarly teaching)
  • Sensitivity to context
  • Expertise for ecclesial contexts
  • International learning community
  • Scholarly consortium & networks
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