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Virtual Seminary Sampler

Seminary Sampler at LSTC featuring MDiv student

"What really stood out to me at the Seminary Sampler I attended - and something that I think about to this day - was the opportunity to discern what exactly God was calling me to do. During the sampler, there was not only time to learn about LSTC and the unique opportunities offered, but time to reflect and embrace my new vocation and call with those gathered with me."

Stephani Shumaker, fourth year LSTC student

The virtual Seminary Sampler experience is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in what it means to be a seminarian at LSTC. NOTE: Participants are able to connect with admissions staff to register for their desired experiences - that is, as much or as little as they choose. Download the full Spring Seminary Sampler agenda.

Between March 9-11, Seminary Sampler participants:

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