Kimberly R. Wagner Assistant Professor of Homiletics; Axel Jacob and Gerda Maria (Swanson) Carlson Chair in Homiletics


Areas of Expertise

    Trauma-Responsive and Trauma-Informed Homiletics and Hermeneutics

    Practical Theology

    Ministerial Leadership and Practice

    History of Christian Preaching


    B.S., Miami University of Ohio

    M.Div., Candler School of Theology, Emory University

    Ph.D., Emory University


    Designing Digital Teaching and Learning for Theological Educators, UWI Continuing Studies


The Rev. Dr. Kimberly R. Wagner joined the LSTC faculty in July 2018. Four years serving on the pastoral staff of a congregation in Virginia fueled and informed Wagner’s work and teaching. Her research, teaching and scholarship in homiletics have focused on the role of the church and all of God’s people as proclaimers of the gospel in an ever-changing world. Her current work focuses on preaching and trauma, thinking particularly about collective trauma, the role of the preacher, and the nature of trauma-informed and trauma-responsive preaching. Her dissertation, “From the Depths: Preaching in Wake of Mass Violent Trauma,” rethinks the task of preaching to communities in the immediate aftermath of an incident of mass gun violence.

Dr. Wagner believes that preaching requires a multidisciplinary perspective and interdisciplinary approach. In her courses and scholarship, Wagner seeks to bring into conversation a variety of scholars, fields, and perspectives. At LSTC, Wagner teaches foundational and advanced courses, including Introduction to Preaching, Ministerial Leadership I, Women Preaching/Preaching Women, and Preaching and Trauma. In addition, Dr. Wagner is an advisor and instructor in the ACTS (Association of Chicago Theological Schools) D.Min. in Preaching program. While Dr. Wagner is committed research and scholarship in the practice of preaching, she has a deep passion for teaching, advising, and mentoring students. When not teaching, preaching, or writing, she enjoys attending Chicago theater, exploring the city, and walking along the lakefront with her dog, Toby.

Published Works

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