Eunyung Lim Assistant Professor of New Testament


Areas of Expertise

    New Testament Exegesis

    Gospel Traditions

    Pauline Epistles

    Wisdom in Early Christian Literature

    Children and Childhood in Antiquity

    Women, Gender and Sexuality

    Theories and Methods in Religion



    B.A., Ewha Womans University

    M.A., Ewha Womans University

    M.Div., Harvard Divinity School

    Th.D., Harvard Divinity School


    Derek Bok Teaching Certificate, Harvard University

    Professional Certificate in Online Education, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Dr. Eunyung Lim joined the LSTC faculty in July 2018. She holds both a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Theology from Harvard University. She uses historical-critical methods, feminist and contextual hermeneutics, and anthropological insights to explain the inextricable relationship between biblical texts and their historical and cultural contexts. Her research areas include the New Testament, Nag Hammadi Library, and ancient Mediterranean cultures, and her scholarship and teaching pay careful attention to the marginalized voices in the New Testament, such as children, women, slaves, and people with disabilities. Dr. Lim’s recent monograph, Entering God’s Kingdom (Not) Like A Little Child, examines rich and diverse ways that the Gospel of Matthew, 1 Corinthians, and the Gospel of Thomas associate childlikeness with God’s kingdom to articulate an ideal human condition. Drawing on philosophical, historical, and archaeological materials about ancient childhood, this book illuminates how early Christ-followers understood one’s worthiness to enter God’s kingdom in terms of social rank, intellectual capacity, and sexuality.

Prior to coming to LSTC, Dr. Lim taught at Harvard College as a teaching fellow for general education courses on the Hebrew Bible. She also served as an editorial assistant for Harvard Theological Review and was a visiting lecturer in New Testament at the College of the Holy Cross. She received Harvard’s Derek Bok Teaching Certificate, specializing in intercultural and multimodal communication. Dr. Lim is committed to pursuing an innovative and inclusive pedagogy, often adopting music, visuals, and performances for her classes. Her teaching has been recognized four times with the Harvard University Distinction in Teaching award, and her pedagogy article, “Teaching ‘Greek for Ministry’ in a Multicultural Classroom,” appears in The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching.

When not researching and teaching, Dr. Lim enjoys music, cooking, and going on walks with her family.

Published Works

    Entering God’s Kingdom (Not) Like A Little Child: Images of the Child in Matthew, 1 Corinthians, and Thomas. BZNW 243. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, 2021. Publisher's Page.

    Review of New Testament Conversations: A Literary, Historical, and Pluralistic Introduction by Suzanne Watts Henderson. Encounter 81.2 (forthcoming).

    “Entering the Kingdom of Heaven Not Like the Sons of Earthly Kings (Matt 17:24–18:5).” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 83.3 (2021): 425-45.

    “Teaching ‘Greek for Ministry’ in a Multicultural Classroom.” The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching 1.2 (2020): 49–54.

    “Eve and Norea retold: The Power of Storytelling in the Nature of the Rulers.” in Landscapes of Korean and Korean American Biblical Interpretations, ed. John Ahn (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2019), 241-250.

    “Traces of Personified Wisdom in Early Christian Literature,” in Alice Ogden Bellis, Proverbs, Wisdom Community Series (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2018), 84-87.

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