Master of Divinity

Sarah D.

"Pursuing my MDiv at LSTC was the clear choice when I saw this seminary striving to be a seminary that not only believed we have something to teach our neighbor but that our neighbor has something to teach us. If we miss the latter, then we miss what it means to be the church."

Sarah Derrick, 2019 MDiv graduate

At the heart of LSTC's MDiv program is our commitment to equip students to bear witness to the gospel and be agents of social transformation in our changing church and world. Whether seeking to be ordained in the ELCA's roster of Word and Sacrament or to further your academic studies, LSTC's MDiv program will allow you to concentrate on building competencies for ministry rather than just fulfilling requirements for a degree. At LSTC, you will find guides, mentors and friends to nurture the academic, spiritual, civic and professional dimensions of your life and ministry.

Leaders for a Public Church Curriculum

LSTC's curriculum cultivates competencies for leadership in a public church that focuses on community engagement, public witness, and social transformation. Our holistic approach to theological education breaks academic disciplines out of their silos and allows creative collaboration to flourish.

MDiv students take nine Orienting Courses and 18 additional Pathway Courses for a total of 27 courses that cover all areas of competency. Coursework for the MDiv can be completed in three years, including one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Students pursuing ordination in the ELCA must also complete one twelve-month internship.

MDiv Orienting Courses

  • Cultural Context: Public Church I and II
  • Religious Heritage: Scripture I and II, History and Theology I and II
  • Ministerial Leadership: Ministerial Leadership I and II
  • Spiritual Formation: Spiritual Formation I

LSTC is a member of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools consortium (ACTS), making hundreds of classes available to MDiv students at 11 denominational seminaries in the Chicago area, three within walking distance of LSTC.

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