Master of Arts in Ministry

"The MAM program offers the flexibility to craft field work for your specific ministry gifts. This allowed me to discern my call to Hispanic ministry as a mission developer and community organizer."

Amy Westphal, Rio Grande Valley Mission Connector, Texas

If you’re wondering if there is a place for you at seminary if you’re not feeling called to ordained ministry, the answer is definitely “Yes!” The MAM degree is designed for students who are pursuing a call to the ELCA’s Word and Service roster or preparing for ministry in secular settings. The MAM is a practical professional degree that incorporates both coursework and fieldwork and will allow you to concentrate your studies on a particular ministry discipline or passion.

Leaders for a Public Church Curriculum

LSTC’s curriculum cultivates competencies for leadership in a public church that focuses on community engagement, public witness, and social transformation. Our holistic approach to theological education breaks academic disciplines out of their silos and allows creative collaboration to flourish.

MAM students take eight Orienting and Deepening Courses and eight additional Pathway Courses for a total of 16 courses that cover all areas of competency. Coursework for the MAM can be completed in two years. Students pursuing a call to the ELCA’s roster of Word and Service must also complete 600 hours of field work.

MAM Orienting and Deepening Courses

  • Cultural Context: Public Church I, Ethics
  • Religious Heritage: Scripture I or II, History and Theology I or II, Grace Incarnate: Lutheran Confessions
  • Ministerial Leadership: Ministerial Leadership I or II
  • Spiritual Formation: Spiritual Formation I
  • Summative Evaluation or Diaconal Ministry Project

LSTC is a member of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools consortium (ACTS), making hundreds of classes available to MAM students at 11 denominational seminaries in the Chicago area, three within walking distance of LSTC.

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