Theme: Stewarding Gifts

How do we hope our school will continue?

Not so long ago, seminaries were "wholly owned" by the church. In order to prepare ministers, they received secure finances, sound facilities, and guaranteed students. Such assurances, however, have eroded. Our school gladly remains in close partnership with the church, but the burden for resources and recruitment is now decidedly on us. For the sake of our church, then, we must take that lead to expand our student base beyond conventional sources to discover new leaders for tomorrow. We must also develop new resources to support those students and the programs they will need, not just with creative forms of revenue but also through greater efficiencies that expand our capacity. Amidst it all, we need to reach out and tell our story effectively, so the wider church learns of our distinctive value. For such a time as this, we will identify more kinds of gifts and steward them wisely into the future.

Marvin Wickware Jr of LSTC

"LSTC cannot afford to be all things to all people, nor would such an approach be faithful. Our institutional future lies in setting priorities that reflect the needs of our society and building corresponding partnerships."

Marvin Wickware Jr., Assistant Professor of Church and Society and Ethics

2021 Priority Initiatives of Stewarding Gifts Theme

Administrative Alignment:
Conclude and review all remaining elements of the Common Discernment Project, with particular attention to aligning personnel within functional areas in order to clarify and improve organizational structure, communication, and staff retention

Enrollment Pipelines:
Continue and expand commitment to developing and enhancing strategic and diverse enrollment pipelines, including fostering deep relationships with ELCA colleges, universities, and campus ministries in order to enhance the student experience


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