Dr. Barbara Rossing to Give Public Lecture and Book Signing, April 27, 2004 March 8, 2004

Dr. Barbara Rossing, professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology, will present a public lecture on Tuesday, April 27, 2004, in the LSTC Common Room at 7:00 p.m. In the lecture, entitled, "Rapture, Revelation and the Middle East: Reading the Apocalypse so No One is "Left Behind,'" Rossing will challenge the popular but mistaken Christian belief that Revelation predicts a so-called "Rapture" followed by cataclysm in the Middle East. Instead, she will offer a nonviolent vision for "Lamb Power" around the nation-healing tree of life as the central message of Revelation, drawing on her new book, The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation.

A book signing, including a wine and cheese reception, will precede the lecture from 4:45 until 6:15 pm in the LSTC Book Center.

For more information about the lecture, contact Dr. Barbara Rossing at (773) 256-0765 or send e-mail to brossing@lstc.edu.


Jan Boden
Director of Communication and Marketing

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