2002 Distinguished Alums Named March 1, 2002

Rev. Dr. Robert N. Bacher and Rev. Lloyd R. Kittlaus have received the 2002 Distinguished Alumni/ae Awards from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. The awards are given annually to alumni/ae who have made significant contributions to the church, community and world.

Robert N. Bacher (M.Div., 1961)  Being honored for his service to the church-at-large, Rev. Bacher was pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Lakewood Colo., following his ordination in 1961. He left St. Mark in 1966 to become associate youth director for the Lutheran Church in America (LCA). In that position for six years, he went on to serve the LCA's division for parish services department for research and planning first as project manager for action research and finally as executive director.

When the LCA merged with the American Lutheran Church and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Church to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA) in 1987, Bacher was named executive for administration in the office of the bishop. A position he retired from last year. In nominating Bacher for the alumni/ae award, he was cited for distinguished service as a key administrative aid to Bishops Herbert W. Chilstrom and H. George Anderson during the ELCA's formative years.

Having completed his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M College, Bacher received the master of divinity degree from Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, a predecessor institution to the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He went on to receive the master of education degree from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa., and the master of public administration and doctor of public administration degrees from the University of Southern California.

Residents of Chicago, Bacher and his wife, Shirley Ann, have three children, Carol (March), Laurie (Andrews), and Joy (Bacher Cropper).

Lloyd R. Kittlaus (M.Div., 1969) Commended as a mentor and tireless advocate for campus ministry, Lloyd R. Kittlaus is director of Lutheran campus ministry at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., and pastor of University Lutheran Church. At Northwestern since 1980, his ministry includes Sunday worship and communion, weekly bible studies, prayer groups, book discussions, and choir. Throughout the year, he adds community service projects, retreats, and a variety of social and recreational events. Modeling and guiding students on being Christian and practicing their faith in college, Kittlaus is always available for pastoral listening and counseling. His special interest is helping people view their life, its roles and relationships as a vocation, a calling from God.

One of the students Kittlaus mentored during his years at Northwestern is Donald Kreiss (M.Div., 1992) president of the LSTC alumni/ae senate. "Lloyd has had a profound influence on a whole generation of women and men who have studied at Northwestern, a good number of whom have studied for the ministry," said Kreiss. Born in Davenport, Iowa, Kittlaus received his undergraduate degree from Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., and the master of divinity degree from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in 1969. Following his ordination, he served a parish in Knoxville, Ill., and went on to receive the doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, where he studied the bible and specialized in gospel research.

Also active at University Lutheran Church is Janet, Kittlaus' wife, who has great passion for social justice and is treasurer of the Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty. Residents of Evanston, Ill., the Kittlaus' have two children, Mitchell and Jennifer.


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