LSTC student receives John Stott Scholarship October 4, 2011

Wiriya Tipvarakankoon, a Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Ph.D. student in Biblical Studies, has received a John Stott Ministries Langham Fellowship. The fellowship provides a grant of up to $18,000 each year to students from Majority World countries in Ph.D. programs in the United States, Canada, or Europe. The grant is renewable for up to four years.

Preparing to teach in Bangkok

Tipvarakankoon is a minister in the Church of Christ in Thailand (Presbyterian). He earned a master’s of theology degree at Princeton Theological Seminary before coming to LSTC. After completing his Ph.D., Tipvarakankoon will join the faculty of the Bangkok Institute of Theology. “I would love to challenge seminary students in Thailand to study the Bible deeply and proclaim the Bible appropriately,” he says. Recipients of the John Stott Ministries scholarships agree to return home to teach, with the goal of improving the quality of biblical preaching in Majority World Christian churches.

The first year Tipvarakankoon received the scholarship, he learned it was one of only two scholarships awarded in 2009. He had been encouraged to apply by a friend who holds a Ph.D. in Old Testament from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Mo. “This has been a gift from God,” he says.

Learning a variety of methodologies

“LSTC has been a good place for me to study,” Tipvarakankoon says. “I have been able to experience different methodologies for interpreting the Bible from Professors Klein, Krentz, Rhoads, and Rossing.” His dissertation will be on the Book of Revelation. “This book is confusing and scary for Thai people to read.” Dr. Barbara Rossing, an expert on the Book of Revelation, is Tipvarakankoon’s advisor and faculty mentor.

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Advanced studies at LSTC

Approximately 70 students are enrolled in the master of theology and doctor of philosophy degree programs at LSTC. International students represent a large and very important part of the program with respect to both their numbers and their contributions to theological dialogue and community life.


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