Scherer Lecture examines pre-Christian faith in a post-Christendom world February 7, 2011

Theology is in creative ferment in Africa as Christianity grows at an unprecedented rate and  the Bible is applied to questions unanticipated by its authors and its Western emissaries. Research in such conditions is difficult and may lead church historians and theologians into the “streetlight effect” of looking in obvious places, such as libraries and archives, to interpret this new growth.

On Tuesday, February 22 at 4 p.m., Dr. Jonathan J. Bonk will deliver the annual Scherer Lecture, “Pre-Christian Faith in a Post-Christendom World: Africa and the Future of Christianity.” He will show the inadequacies of looking in old and obvious places to tell the new story of the future of Christianity in Africa. The free lecture will be in the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Common Room (350), 1100 East 55th Street.

Jonathan J. Bonk
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan J. Bonk is executive director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center in New Haven, Conn., and editor of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research. He has served as president of both the American Society of Missiology and the Association of Professors of Mission. He is currently president of the International Association for Mission Studies. Dr. Bonk is a Mennonite minister.

The Scherer Lecture
The annual Scherer Lecture addresses aspects of the church’s worldwide mission, missiology, or the life of the world Christian community. It is made possible through the Eleanor and Arnold Scherer Endowment Fund.


Peter Vethanayagamony
Associate Professor of Modern Church History

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