Congregations sponsor international hymn festival to benefit graduate students January 6, 2011

Two congregations in Chicago’s western suburbs, Faith Lutheran Church, Glen Ellyn, and St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wheaton, are working together to raise awareness and funds to assist graduate students at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

On Sunday, February 13, at 4p.m., an international hymn festival and benefit will be held at Faith Lutheran Church, 41 N. Park Blvd., Glen Ellyn, Ill. Daniel Schwandt, cantor to the LSTC community, will lead the hymn festival. There are 54 international students from 24 countries enrich the LSTC community. Thirty three of those students are in the Th.M. or Ph.D. program.

A reception planned by international Th.M. and Ph.D. students begins at 5 p.m. They will introduce their countries and their ministries. A potluck meal will be served by the sponsoring congregations at 6 p.m. For more information about the hymn festival and benefit, contact Rachel Wind at or 773-256-0690.

Supporting LSTC  graduate students

“At LSTC, faith and reason are viewed as complementary and mutually enriching, not as exclusive opposites,” explains Dr. Esther Menn, LSTC’s director of Advanced Studies and the Ralph W. and Marilyn R. Klein Professor of Old Testament. “As our Th.M. and Ph.D. students faithfully seek to engage God’s voice with the voices of the world, LSTC seeks to support them through generous scholarship assistance.”  

In the current economic climate, students need scholarship assistance more than ever. LSTC’s graduate students, many of whom come from Asia, Africa, andLatin America, rely on scholarship support to assist them in providing for themselves and their families as they study. The more scholarship support they receive, the more time they can devote to their programs of study.

Advanced studies at LSTC

Approximately 70 students are enrolled in the master of theology and doctor of philosophy degree programs at LSTC. International students represent a large and very important part of the program with respect to both their numbers and their contributions to theological dialogue and community life.

Faculty for advanced degree programs are leaders in their fields of expertise. They are also experienced teachers and advisors. Students have access to the resources of the JKM Library on LSTC’s campus. It is one of the foremost theological collections in the United States. They also have access to the teaching and library resources of the eleven schools in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools.

2010-2011 Fellowships awarded by LSTC

LSTC currently offers these fellowships and scholarships designated for graduate-level studies.

  • The Robert Marshall Fellowship is awarded to North American students preparing for teaching ministries. Meredith Coleman-Tobias, Kevin Dudley, Jeff Fitzkappes, and Richard Frontjes received 2010-2011 fellowships.
  • The William J. and Elizabeth M. Danker Fellowship is for international students preparing for teaching ministries. This year’s recipients are Prinstone Ben (India), Mervin Boas (India), Seo Young Lee (South Korea), Prince Vethamonickam Rajamony (India), Wiriya Tipvarakankoon (Thailand), and Ji-Woon Yoo (South Korea)
  • The Eleanor and Arnold Scherer Fellowship is awarded each year to an international student.  Ju Young Kim (South Korea) received the award this year.
  • The Kathryn Sehy Scholarship supports students in the area of interfaith studies. Iskandar Bcheiry (Lebanon) and Prince Vethamonickam Rajamony (India) received the scholarship for 2010-2011.
  • The Ralph Klein PhD. Fellowship for Biblical Studies to support Ph.D. students in Old or New Testament Studies was awarded to Adam Braun (USA) for 2010-2011. 
  • The 2010-2011 E. Theodore and Mercia B. Bachmann Fellowship was awarded to Seong Heon Lee (South Korea)
  • International Student Fellowships were awarded to Niveen Sarras (Palestine) and Chakravarthy Zadda (India) for 2010-2011.
  • International Women’s Scholarships for 2010-2011 went to Nayoung Ha (South Korea) and Eun Ae Lee (South Korea).
  • International Graduate Student Scholarship Fund  is providing support for Kyung-Taek Hong (South Korea) in 2010-2011.



Rachel Wind
Regional Gift Officer

Jan Boden
Director of Communication and Marketing

The Lutheran School of Theology (LSTC) is dedicated to bearing witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. Based in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, it is the leading urban Lutheran seminary training students for purposeful vocations in the global community. Aligned with its Lutheran heritage and built on a foundation of intellectual rigor, LSTC’s innovative, nationally recognized curriculum gives students skills for visionary Christian leadership in the public sphere.

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