LSTC awards 2010 prizes for scholarship, preaching May 25, 2010

Four prizes created to recognize excellence in scholarship and preaching by students at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago were awarded during the commencement ceremony on May 16.

“These prizes promote excellence in scholarship and preaching,” said Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael T. Shelley. “The prize winners exhibited exemplary scholarship and preaching in the papers and sermon that they presented. We are delighted to be able to recognize students’ excellent work through these prizes.”

Prize winning papers and sermon
Lewis Cuttino Alexander, a master of divinity student entering his middler year, received the Bible and Lutheran Faith Prize for his paper, “Free to Do Anything? A Theological Reflection on 1 Corinthians 5-6.” He received an award of $1,000.

Ji Woon Yoo (2008, Th.M.) a doctor of philosophy student, received the Edgar Krentz Award for Biblical Interpretation for his paper, “The Parable of the Minas in Luke 19:11-27: A Parodied Parable of the Roman Imperial Patronage System.” He received an award of $1,000.

Rory Phillips, a master of divinity student entering his internship year, received the Lutheran Confessions Prize for his paper, “Pneumatological Orientation: Baptismal Ethics of the Lutheran Confessions.” He received an award of $1,000.

Todd Koch (2010, M.Div.) received the James Kenneth Echols Prize for Excellence in Preaching for his sermon, “Christ Re-Deems Creation: Priceless.” The three sermons presented by finalists for the prize may be heard at

His prize was $500.

Entry eligibility
LSTC students enrolled in the master of divinity, master of arts in ministry, or master of arts in theological studies may enter the Bible and Lutheran Faith, Krentz, and Lutheran Confessions competitions. LSTC students enrolled in the master of divinity program who are candidates for ordination may enter the Echols Preaching Prize competition. Entry requirements are on the seminary’s website at


Cheryl Hoth
Assistant to the Academic Dean

Jan Boden
Director of Communication and Marketing

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