1709 Bos Septuagint added to LSTC rare book collection May 11, 2010

In April 2010, the Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Johnson (Maywood, class of 1950) gave to the LSTC rare book collection a valuable copy of the Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament,that was published in 1709 by Lambertus Bos. Along with the Septuagint, Dr. Johnson made a generous gift to be used for conservation, restoration, and preservation of the books and manuscripts in the LSTC Rare Books Collection.

Bos listed variant readings of texts
Lambertus Bos (1670-1717) was a professor at the University of Franeker, now in the Netherlands. This university was shut down by Napoleon. Bos provided a textual apparatus that listed the variant readings that were known in his time. The book is in excellent condition, and the restorer hired by Dr. Johnson fitted it with red and green ribbons to close the book, as it was outfitted in the early 18th century.

Johnson worked on history of gospels in Syriac
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Johnson studied with the late Dr. Arthur Voobus while at the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary at Maywood. He helped edit Studies in the History of the Gospel Text in Syriac, published by the Catholic Press of Louvain, Belgium.

LSTC’s rare book collection
This volume joins some 600 books that are part of the LSTC rare books collection, about half of which were collected by L. Franklin Gruber, d. 1941, who was president of the Chicago Lutheran Seminary at Maywood. The collection's strengths are in New Testament manuscripts, more than 80 original publications of Luther, other Reformation era publications by Erasmus, Melanchthon, Bugenhagen, and Pope Leo X, English Bibles of the 16th and 17th centuries, and more than 100 commemorative medals celebrating the posting of the 95 theses, the Augsburg Confession, and the Book of Concord.

How to visit the collection
Curator Ralph W. Klein welcomes visits by lay or pastoral groups for 90-minute tours. To make an appointment, contact Professor Klein at rklein@lstc.edu. Parts of the collection are also featured at the website: http://collections.lstc.edu/gruber/


Ralph Klein
Curator, Gruber Collection


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