2010 Hein-Fry Lecture examines how the Bible is taught in the parish and beyond January 5, 2010

On Thursday, February 18, Dr. Mary Hess, associate professor of educational leadership at Luther Seminary, will explore various ways Lutherans have taught the Bible. She delivers the 2010 Hein-Fry Lecture on the theme “Hearing the Word: Teaching the Bible in the Parish (and Beyond)” at 1 p.m. in LSTC’s Common Room, 1100 East 55th Street. The Rev. Dr. Ray Pickett, LSTC professor of New Testament, will respond to Dr. Hess’s lecture.

“Hearing the Word: Teaching the Bible in the Parish (and Beyond)” continues the Hein-Fry Lectures’ multi-year theme on the Bible. This year’s lecturers will explore the important conversations throughout the ELCA concerning the various ways Lutheran communities in diverse North American contexts are sharing the biblical narratives, truths, and messages of the gospel through their teaching ministries. The hope for these presentations is that they will raise awareness about the many ways the Lutheran churches have traditionally taught the Bible as well as offer innovative contemporary approaches to teaching the Bible that Lutherans might use today. For more information about the Hein-Fry Lectures visit


Mary Hess joined the Luther Seminary faculty in 2000. She received a B.A. in American Studies from Yale University, holds an M.T.S. degree from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in religion and education from Boston College. Hess is on the editorial board of the journal Religious Education, and serves as a core member of the International Study Commission on Media, Religion and Culture. Her most recent publications include the books: Teaching Reflectively in Theological Contexts: Promises and Contradictions (Melbourne, FL: Krieger, 2008), and Engaging Technology in Theological Education: All That We Can't Leave Behind, (New York: Rowman Littlefield 2005). Her weblog is at www.religioused.org/tensegrities.


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