LSTC, Rhoads featured in new DVD education series on care of creation December 1, 2009

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Professor of New Testament David Rhoads is the co-host of "Earthbound: Created and Called to Care for Creation," a new six-part DVD series for congregations that explores Christians' complex relationship with God's creation. It examines the origins of misconceptions about Scripture's portrayal of creation and how Christians have become heaven-focused at the expense of Earth.

The series takes Martin Luther's breakthrough understanding of justification and vocation and applies it across all of creation. It shows how people throughout the Church are living out a vocation of relating to and caring for creation. Each segment of the series is approximately 25 minutes long. A study guide, with facilitator instructions, comes with the DVDs.

New Testament Professor Barbara Rossing, President James Kenneth Echols, alumnus Pastor Gordon Straw, and staff member Kwame Pitts are other LSTC voices on the DVD, which includes Walter Brueggemann, Larry Rasmussen, Terry Fretheim, and Cynthia Moe-Lobeda.

The series is available for $89.95 (plus shipping and handling costs) from Seraphim Communications A trailer of the series is available at the web page for "Earthbound" on Seraphim’s site.


Laura Wilhelm
Coordinator of Continuing Education


Jan Boden
Director of Communication and Marketing

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