Craig A. Satterlee, Louise Williams, and Craig M. Mueller to serve as interim dean of the chapel, directors of spiritual formation August 12, 2008

Beginning August 15, the Rev. Dr. Craig A. Satterlee, Deaconess Louise Williams, and the Rev. Craig M. Mueller will serve respectively as interim dean of the chapel and as interim directors of spiritual formation at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. The Rev. Dr. David L. Miller has accepted a call as senior pastor of St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Naperville, Ill., starting August 16.

David L. Miller served as the first Cornelsen Director of Spiritual Formation at LSTC. In a letter to the community announcing Dr. Miller's resignation, President James Kenneth Echols said, "During his three years of service, he did a magnificent job of developing the curriculum's Growth in Faith component. . .in addition, students regarded him as a sensitive and trustworthy counselor. . ."

At a meeting of the LSTC Board of Directors Executive Committee later this month, President Echols will recommend that a search be conducted during the 2008-09 academic year for a new Dean of the Chapel and Director of Spiritual Formation.

Craig A. Satterlee will serve as interim dean of the chapel. He teaches homiletics and occupies the Axel Jacob and Gerda Maria (Swanson) Carlson Chair of Homiletics at LSTC and is dean of the ACTS Doctor of Ministry in Preaching Program. Satterlee is the author of numerous books and articles on preaching and is a sought-after preacher and teacher.

Louise Williams is executive director emeritus of the Lutheran Deaconess Association, where she served for 33 years. She will serve as half-time director of spiritual formation. Deaconess Williams is a frequent workshop and retreat leader. She has written studies, series and articles for the Lutheran Women's Missionary League Quarterly, Lutheran Women Today, The Lutheran and other publications.

Craig M. Mueller will serve as one-quarter time director of spiritual formation. He is pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Chicago, Ill. He has served parishes in Indianapolis, St. Paul/Minneapolis, and Chicago. Pastor Mueller received a certificate in spiritual direction from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in 1998 and has led workshops and written articles in the areas of preaching, spirituality and liturgy.


The Rev. Dr. Kathleen D. Billman
Dean & V.P. of Academic Affairs


Jan Boden
Director of Communication and Marketing

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