Craig A. Satterlee's When God Speaks Through You: How Faith Convictions Shape Preaching and Mission published by Alban Institute January 16, 2008

Dr. Craig A. Satterlee's latest book, When God Speaks Through You: How Faith Convictions Shape Preaching and Mission (ISBN 978-1-56699-3, paper, $17.00) has been released by The Alban Institute. In it, Satterlee shows how individuals and groups can identify and articulate their convictions about the Christian faith. It invites pastors and parishioners to discuss together how their faith convictions shape their lives and the congregation's worship, life together, and mission. For more details on When God Speaks Through You, or to order the book, visit

Ronald J. Allen, the Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Preaching and New Testament at Christian Theological Seminary said of the book, "Satterlee skillfully helps people identify how they can become better listeners by developing better understandings of the purposes of preaching, of how their social and theological locations influence what they hear, and of how they can respond. Preachers and laity should read this book together."

Craig A. Satterlee occupies the Axel Jacob and Gerda Maria (Swanson) Carlson Chair of Homiletics at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He is the dean of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools Doctor of Ministry in Preaching program. Satterlee is the author of numerous books and articles, including When God Speaks Through Change: Preaching in Times of Congregational Transition (Alban Institute, 2005) and with Lester Ruth, Creative Preaching on the Sacraments (Discipleship Resources, 2001). He is a sought-after teacher, speaker and preacher who continues to do interim parish ministry in the Chicago area.


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