Youth from Across U.S. at LSTC for Youth in Mission June 21, 2005

More than 80 youth from around the country will be part of LSTC's Youth in Mission programs from June through August.

Twenty-five youth who have completed their sophomore or junior year of high school are part of a three-week international experience of discovery, discernment and deepening their faith. "Serving Christ in the Word" youth spend two weeks in Chicago with LSTC faculty, students and guest speakers in the classroom and exploring the city. The group travels to Mexico City for the third week to experience faith in a global context. Throughout the three weeks, students process what they discover in small group discussions. "Serving Christ in the World" is made possible through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment.

Starting in June, high school youth groups from the Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nebraska, and New York use LSTC as the "home base" for service in Chicago. Each youth group in "Beyond Belief" spends one week tutoring and learning from Chicago grade school children in the morning. In the afternoons they share a meal with and lead fun activities with the children at a local church. Seminary students facilitate small-group Bible study, discussions, and games with the youth when they return to LSTC in the evening.

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Jan Boden
Director of Communication and Marketing

The Lutheran School of Theology (LSTC) is dedicated to bearing witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. Based in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, it is the leading urban Lutheran seminary training students for purposeful vocations in the global community. Aligned with its Lutheran heritage and built on a foundation of intellectual rigor, LSTC’s innovative, nationally recognized curriculum gives students skills for visionary Christian leadership in the public sphere.

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