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Patricia A. Bartley
Director of Enrollment Management and Registrar 773.256.0717
Bob Berridge
Vice President for Operations 773.256.0783
Jan Boden
Director, Communications and Marketing 773.256.0744
Elaine Bonner
Access Services Manager, JKM Library 773.256.0732
Abimbola (Abbie) Brown
Operations Assistant 773.256.0700
Sarah Burdick
Philanthropic Engagement Coordinator


Scott Chalmers
Dean of Student Services 773.256.0685

Erik Christensen
Pastor to the Community and Director of Worship 773.256.0696
Aaron Copley-Spivey
Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator 773.256.0771
Vimary “Vima” Couvertier-Cruz
Admissions Recruiter 773.256.0694

John Damer
Director of Advancement Operations

Patti DeBias
Assistant to the President 773.256.0728
Samantha DeBias
Accounting Coordinator 773.256.0742
Kenesa Debela
Director of Information Technology Services 773.256.0716
Kimberley Ferguson


Andrea Finnegan
Vice President for Finance


Ryan Fordice
Donor Relations Manager 773.256.0757
David Glover
Editorial Assistant Zygon Journal, Project Administrator, ZCRS 773.256.0767
Keith Hampton
Cantor to the Seminary Community 773.256.0799 
Marvis Hardy
Part-Time Staff Accountant 773.256.0715
Akeem Haywood
Prep Cook, Food Services, The Refectory
Barry Hopkins
Associate Librarian for Public Services, JKM Library 773.256.0734
Cheryl Hoth
Assistant to the Dean & Vice President for Academic Affairs 773.256.0721
Jessica P. Houston
Advancement Programs and Events Manager 773.256.0697
Michael Huckelberry
Director, Building Services
Matthew James
Director of Admissions 773.256.0727
Judith Jean-Michel
Executive Administrative Assistant for Advancement 773.256.0690
Burmaa Kaylin
Tech Services Assistant, JKM 773.256.0731

May May Latt
International Student Services Coordinator  
Bianca Leoni
Student Services Assistant 773.256.0681
Jason McGovern
Web Manager, Communications and Marketing Office  
Anna Moorhead
Mission Ambassador for Advancement 773.256.0718

William Myatt
Director of Philanthropic Engagement

James Nieman
President 773.256.0728
Scott Pachowicz
Assistant Director of Building Services - Renovation/Upgrade
Arthur C. Petersen
Editor, Zygon Journal of Religion and Science  773.256.0671
Frank Perez
Culinary Manager
Emilie Pulver
Special Projects Librarian, JKM 773.256.0730
Nate Ramsey
Director of Financial Aid 773.256.0709

Langston Roberson
Gift Processing and Data Services Manager 773.256.0712

Julie Sevig
Communications Specialist, Advancement 773.256.0740
Marji Shannon
Associate Director, Contextual Education 773.256.0746
Martha Stocker
Software Support Administrator 773.256.0719
Jennifer Thomas
Alumni and Church Engagement Manager 913.269.9825
Sara Trumm
Director, A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice

Debra Van Der Molen
Assistant Editor, Zygon Journal 773.256.0671
Arice Vance
Senior Line Cook
Gloria Vicente
Advanced Studies Program Coordinator;
International Student Administrator 773.256.0745
Clyde Walter
Vice President for Advancement 773.256.0676
Lena Washington
Director of Dining Services 773.256.0702
Devan Wasz
Pastry Chef and Administrative Manager for Dining Services 773.256.0702
Rob Worley
Director, Language Resource and Writing Center 773.256.0707
Controller Contact
-- 773.256.0715
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