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James Nieman installed as LSTC's Seventh President

October 28, 2012

Narrative by Christopher Anderson,
Editor of
"The Door"
LSTC's student newspaper

Videos by Tim Frakes
Tim Frakes Productions

On the evening of October 28, 2012 the community of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago installed the Reverend James Nieman, PhD as its seventh President. The Installation service was held at 4 p.m. in Rockefeller Memorial Chapel on the campus of the University of Chicago. Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson served as the Presiding Minister.

The Director of Liturgy and Dean of Augustana Chapel Dr. Ben Stewart pointed out that the liturgical function of the service was “much like the installation of a Pastor.” The service began with a procession of roughly 75 individuals representing various elements of the seminary community such as faculty, staff, students, alumni, directors, and other ecclesiastical and educational leaders. Rows and rows of brightly colored vestments streamed into the chapel in brilliant contrast to the light grey stonework. The tones of the Cantorei and organ music, under the directorship of Principal Musician Daniel Schwandt, brought the congregation to the purpose of their gathering.

Welcoming Remarks by the Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson


Message by Barbara Lundblad, Joe R. Engle Professor of Preaching, Union Theological Seminary, New York:


Rev. Barbara Lundblad offered a reflection on Luke 24...



(Above: Evangelical Lutheran Church Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson installs the Rev. James Nieman, Ph.D., as the seventh president of the Lutherna School of Theology at Chicago, October 28, 2012. James Nieman recieves the Presidential Medallion from Board of Directors Chair Sarah M. Stegelmoeller and Jonathan Strandjord, Program Director, Seminaries, Congregational and Synodical Mission Unit, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and a special gift shawl from representatives of the Interational Student community at LSTC.)

Remarks by President Nieman:


After Bishop Hanson presided over the Eucharist, the congregation was sent out to live out the relationship that had been established earlier. As Nieman put it during his address, “he has been put in his place.” LSTC is now entrusted to nurture the gifts and support the ministry of President Nieman and proclaim the Gospel together.

LSTC also commissioned two of the hymns sung during the service as part of their 50th year anniversary celebration. One was ‘The Only Stranger in Jerusalem’ by Madeleine Marshall, and the other was ‘Tell the Story’ by Keith Hampton. One congregant observed that ‘The Only Stanger in Jerusalem’ contemporized the occasion with such phases as “it all gets real” and“we’ll share a bite.”

The service was followed by a reception in the refectory attended by faculty, staff, students, and guests. Reflecting on the long-term effects of the day’s events, Presiding Bishop Hanson said, “I think LSTC has a great future. Jim [Nieman] is a great match and complements the culture of LSTC, rooted in the city but with an international focus.”

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