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Volunteers planting LSTC's "front garden."

Tomatoes are now growing in the LSTC courtyard!

Features: New Garden Graces LSTC

Earth Year at LSTC ended with students and staff up to their elbows in mud. With the expert guidance of a team from Chicago’s Greencorps, the seminary’s front “lawn” got a major makeover.

During the last Tuesday worship service of the year, the Greencorps crew began work outside the south-facing windows of the Augustana Chapel, breaking up the sod, digging out dead shrubs, and clearing a space to plant a new perennial garden.

Getting muddy

After several days of work, Greencorps had cleared a bed and created a simple outline with paving stones of a design that echoes the chapel windows. They returned the following week with a truckload of plants and enlisted the LSTC community to get its hands dirty planting salvia, heuchera, purple cone flowers, day lilies, perennial geraniums, and native grasses. Students Carolyn Brostrom, Kaila Hochhalter, Brian Gegel, Anna Stuckenberger, Justin Thornburgh, Sarah Rohde, (Travis Meier, Nate Sutton, Rory Phillips) and staff members Bob Berridge, Cheryl Hoth, and Jan Boden got muddy up to their elbows.


Greencorps’ mission is “to promote environmental stewardship and improve the quality of life by establishing natural spaces that are safe, healthy and sustainable through hands-on involvement with trainees and public/community partners.”

Martha “Marty” Brennan, a member of United in Faith Lutheran Church in Evergreen Park, Ill., is the project coordinator for Greencorps. She tells us that the first year the perennials will “sleep.” The second year the plants will “creep.” And the third year the plants will “leap.”

Even though it’s little more than a month old, the garden vastly improves LSTC’s “curb appeal.”

Keeping it green

The garden will be a living reminder of Earth Year at LSTC. Next year another garden will be added to the courtyard.

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