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Students Shine as LSTC Puts on its Spring Musical: Paul and the Early Church

By Christopher Anderson,
Editor, The Door

May 6, 2013

LSTC presented a high-energy, laugh-filled, romp through the life of "Paul and the Early Church: The Musical" as this year’s spring musical. Two performances were offered on the evening of May 5th at 5pm and 7pm. The production included 10 parodies of pop hits performed by a cast of dozens and a wonderful band.

The cast and musicians have been meeting for two hours every Sunday since the beginning of the term last February and their hard work and dedication was on full display last night. According to Director Sara Suginaka, MDiv, it was the desire to highlight the talent on campus that inspired the concept of a campus musical in the first place.

After her first semester on campus, she found that the scholastic emphasis of theological education had inspired a burst of creative energy and she has found dozens of talented singers, dancers, comedians and musicians over the years to help her implement her vision.

Drew Yoos, MDiv (Paul) said, “the show was really fun and a great chance to meet people across classes. It’s a really great community-building opportunity.” This same sentiment was shared by Dave Elliot, MDiv (Matthias, Guard) who said, “It was a good time and it was great to have the chance to learn about the gifts of other people in a context we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Suginaka chose the subject of Paul and the Early Church based on her own experiences studying the Acts of the Apostles in detail for the first time. Then, based on the talents of those who volunteered to participate, she selected songs that matched their gifts in order to craft the most effective display of the group’s aggregate abilities. Suginaka made special mention of the “incredible” contributions Justin Tigerman, MDiv , and Becca Ajer, MDiv, as Music Director and Vocal Coach respectively.



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