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LSTC’s flag football team travels to Luther Bowl in Gettysburg on Thursday October 28...join us in sending them off in spirit the week before they leave! Grab a buddy and dress alike, talk alike, eat alike, and be alike for the day!

TUES., OCT 25: THEOLOGIAN DAY Show us who gets your theological brain ticking by dressing like your favorite living or dead theologian!

Everyone has a favorite us what yours is. (For example: if it is ELW #264 you may consider dressing like a road)

Wear orange and blue all over to show your support of LutherBowl team 2011! We will have a sending service during chapel today so don’t miss it!

Keep an eye on your inbox for final details. Plan to bring a dish to share and join in celebrating an awesome team! This will also include a Jello salad contest, so if you would like, bring your favorite Lutheran Jello Salad to the potluck in addition to your entree or side dish!

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Luther Bowl - The Door "Extra" - October 31, 2011

Special Report - Words by Bekki Lohrmann, Photos by Alex Raabe- Download the PDF

Luther Bowl players ready to go

October 24, 2011

By Meredith Harber,  M.Div Middler
(Luther Bowl practice session, above, photo by Sara Suginaka)

18 players, 10 cheerleaders, 24 hours of driving in the course of 48 hours and one battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

If you don't have chills yet, brace yourself. This year's Luther Bowl team has been practicing hard for the last several weeks to gear up for the flag football tournament in Gettysburg this Saturday. Last year's competitors included both Lutherans and non-Lutherans, with our particular opponents being Gettysburg, Princeton and Philly.

Zak "Ditka" Wagner has been inspiring the team as the head coach. Drew "Gramps" Rindfleish is running the defense, which also includes Chris "I'm not a rapper" Brown, Bekki "Icebox" Lohrmann, Rory "Unexpected Blitzer" Philstrom, Mike "Expected Blitzer" Matson, Megan "Sneaky Flag Snatcher" Sawyer, David "BAAH" Buco, Brock "Crazy Eyes" Klobe, and Kjersten "Break those iron bars" Priddy.

The defensive line-up has been especially strong over the last few weeks, even scoring several points for LSTC when we scrimmaged the University of Chicago Divinity School's flag football team last Sunday. While the Big D is yanking flags and plowing through the line, the offensive team has been blocking, running and receiving with all their might. Carl-Eric "I don't like the left side" Gentes and Ben "I just got married" Adams lead the offense as quarterbacks. Meredith "MHarbs" Harber, Ryan "Don't mess with me" Gerlach and Angie "Iron Fist" Storer keep the O-line strong. Liesebet "Secret Weapon" Gravley, Zak "Ditka" Wagner, Marcus "My wife calls herself Icebox" Lohrmann and Nate "The Octopus" Berkas serve as receivers.

We're so thankful for the ten cheerleaders going with us this year! To fully support the team, be sure to celebrate Spirit Week this week with them! Monday is Twins Day, Tuesday is Dress Like Your Favorite Theologian Day, Wednesday is Dress as Your Favorite Hymn Day and Thursday is Spirit Day, so sport your orange and navy blue!

There will be a team sending at the end of chapel on Thursday, scrimmage on the quad at 4pm and potluck and send-off at Freebie's at 6pm. Come hang out and wish us luck! We'll pack up two 15-passenger vans and roll out of Hyde Park at 5:30am on Friday morning for the 12+ hour drive to Pennsylvania.

We're also taking our donation of pencil sharpeners for the Lutheran World Relief with us. Keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies, limited injuries and good sportsman-ship. We have looked forward to this weekend for a long time, so we're ready to represent the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago with the most spirit, energy and excitement! We'll be nice, of course, but they don't call us the Orange Crush because we're nice. We play to win. GO LSTC LUTHERBOWL!




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