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Albert "Pete" and Cheryl Pero

(Photo by Trisha Konig)

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The Voices of Many: Multicultural Center Benefit

March 19, 2012

by Kwame Pitts
M. Div. Middler

People need to experience the cultural transcendence-walking in others moccasins.”   Dr. Albert “Pete” Pero

How would you like to experience the torrential history of the South with an annual Bus Tour tracing the Civil Rights Movement or the Underground Railroad during J-Term or Maymester? How interesting would it be to have not only symposiums not only from Zygon but also monthly lectures by guest professors or authors for the Multicultural Center? How would you even like the option of taking unity/diversity courses for credit rounding out your semi-nary and academic education?

In a recent discussion with Dr. Pero, his vision for the present and future direction of the Center is as follows-first, “Cultural-specific programming that helps people develop an awareness of their own culture(s) so they have the language to transmit that culture to others and also so they are enabled to build bridges to other cultures.” Dr. Pero also spoke of “Cultural transcendence or what he refers to as being ecumenical - the capacity to use our own cultures in the context of other cultures.”

This past January, we announced the beginning of the journey towards an annual Multicultural Center Benefit Concert as a way to uplift and give back to two of our distinguished elders, Dr. Albert “Pete” Pero and Dr. Cheryl Pero, current director of the Multicultural Center. Along with the blessing of our interim president, Phil Hougen and with additional collaboration from our Ad-vancement as well as our Communication offices, we are pleased to announce the Multicultural Benefit Concert will take place on October 7, 2012 Sunday at 4pm. The focus of the concert will be fundraising programming dollars with all proceeds going towards the Multicultural Center. Following the concert on Monday, there will be the inaugural Multicultural Center’s annual lecture-ship/conference.

Heading up this endeavor we’d like to thank the many students/staff that have stepped up even in the midst of busy schedules coming together in com-munity and bringing their time and talents to the table. Our Administrative/Organizing committee consists of M.Div students Kwame Pitts, Lucy Wynard and Francisco Herrera along with a special consultant, LSTC spouse Ana Vieira. Our Fundraising Team includes M.Div students Sally Wilke and staff member Kim Ferguson, our Programming/Music team includes staff member Sara Trumm and M.Div student Delwin Hubbard and our Stage Manager/Coordinator is M.Div student Justin Thornburgh.

Because our student community is transient as we go from academic to academic year, our awesome lineup may change over the summer –there is always room for you to bring your talents to the table! We need other voices with regards to Programming/Music; or perhaps fundraising and stewardship is your passion. Have the gift of conversation and would like to be the liaison with the Media? Do you know of local music acts that would like to come and perform? Do you have the gift of music and would like to perform? We need YOU!

If you would like to volunteer your time, share resources or have suggestions, please contact M.Div student Kwame Pitts at

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