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Elise Scott, LSTC student, volunteer cook at the Living Room Café

(Photo by David Buco)

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Features from "The Door"

Living Room Café Appreciates LSTC Stepping in at the Last Moment

March 19, 2012

David Buco
M. Div. Middler

It’s six in the morning. Your alarm goes off. It’s the first day in a week you would have gotten to sleep-in. Except you aren’t sleeping. The alarm goes off again. Why, in the name of all things holy, did you tell David you would serve at the Living Room Café this morning? The alarm goes off again. You hit it across the room, stand up, dress hurriedly, and run for the Ram to catch a lift. Hopefully you’re not late. Then again, if you beat the last person there at LSTC – you’re on time.

Ten blocks south of LSTC, the Living Room Café provides a variety of pro-grams designed to build and strengthen the community: one of those programs being a community breakfast every 2nd and 4th Friday. It’s a personalized restaurant style way of providing food to any-one who comes through their door. While some of the programs rely on paid staff to function, the community break-fast is volunteer based. They need volunteers every other Friday to be servers and cooks to feed the line of folks that form at the door. That’s where LSTC has been stepping in.

While Living Room Café doesn’t typically need last minute servers, they often need us as cooks. Apparently being a server is a more glorious job but I believe the cooks always have more fun. So when Living Room Café asks for volunteers, LSTC has consistently stepped-up to the plate and we are good cooks. Several times over the past year we have been able to volunteer in LRC’s kitchen providing them with the help they need to function – as well as a little entertainment too. I, therefore, wanted to pass along a thank you. The other day, their volunteer coordinator Royal told me he really appreciated us for being there when they need us. We come, we work hard, and we lighten up the kitchen.

And I will be the first to admit, I hate getting up on Friday at 6am. It sucks. But it’s worth it. We are up and back before most have rolled out of bed. We have cooked a completely free breakfast and we got to eat a completely free breakfast. I am not sure why, but I also feel a little bit more alive than had I slept through my morning. It’s a great experience. I want to thank all those that have served over the past year with me (and even the Friday I did sleep in). Y’all are what makes LSTC for me, and LSTC what it is for the community – so thank you. (If you are interested in dragging yourself out of bed at 6 a.m. to go cook for others, you can email David at

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