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“Our Lutheran confessions, next to Scripture, are our most important articulations of our faith. They are normative with regard to how we teach and live. I like the dialogue, conversation, and debate in my Lutheran Confessions class. I love to teach and delight in being invited to walk with people in their spiritual, theological and vocational journey at LSTC."

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Kurt K. Hendel

Bernard, Fischer, Westberg Distinguished Ministry Professor of Reformation History

In his own words:

“Luther was one of the great confessors and articulators of the Christian faith. He is studied all over the world by all kinds of people. Many of Luther’s teachings transcend historical periods and cultures. He was one of the most creative preachers and teachers of the gospel.


“LSTC provides students with a rich experience. It is a unique place in a unique location. Hyde Park is one of the most significant theological locations in the world and Chicago is rich in so many things – culture, sports, nature.”



Besides the Gospel and teaching, Hendel is passionate about three “movements”:

  • “Ecology – all other justice issues are transcended by the care of the earth. If there is not earth to sustain us, nothing else will mean anything.
  • “Hunger – if our bellies are full and we don’t care about someone else going hungry, we’re being self-centered (which is really the root of all sin, isn’t it?)
  • “War and peace – I was born in Germany during the World War II era and lost relatives to war. I was a young man during the Viet Nam era. I would like the U.S. to be an example of how one makes peace, not how one makes war.”
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