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Financing Your Education (Advanced Studies)

Tuition costs for a full-time student (6 courses) for the academic year 2012-2013 is approximately $18,800 (not including courses outside of LSTC).

Financial aid at LSTC includes tuition scholarships, grants and salaries for TA's (teaching assistants). Awards are made on the basis of both merit and need. In cases where full scholarships are requested on the basis of need, a full financial statement from the student is required. Tuition scholarships can only be used for tuition. Other grants can be used to offset other expenses. The following is a list of financial awards.

Tuition Scholarships

LSTC tuition scholarships are quite generous. Most students receive partial or full tuition scholarships.

Steps to Receiving Tuition Scholarships

  1. Fill out the Financial Aid Application and submit it to, Assistant to the Director of Advanced Studies.
  2. All students are also required to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for LSTC Tuition Scholarships.


LSTC is part of the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, but first works with students to seek other sources of funding for their educational expenses. More information about the loan program is available on the Loans web page.

Grants and Fellowships

Numerous grants are awarded to students each year based on both need and merit. The awards usually range from $1,000 to $10,000. These can be received in addition to tuition scholarships.

Robert Marshall Fellowship

Honoring his longtime commitment to theological education, as President of the Illinois Synod and President of the Lutheran Church in America, his colleagues established the Robert J. Marshall Graduate Fellowship at LSTC. This endowed fellowship supports students preparing for domestic teaching ministries. Fellowships are awarded annually to students based on need and merit.

William and Betty Danker Fellowship

Honoring their distinguished service in Japan and lifelong interest in helping international students prepare for teaching ministries in their countries of origin, the William J. and Elizabeth M. Danker Fellowship builds on the work done for many years through the Center for World Christian Interaction. Fellowships are awarded annually to students based on need and merit.

James Scherer Fellowship

From the Eleanor and Arnold Scherer Endowment, in memory of the parents of James A. Scherer, professor of missions and church history emeritus.

Fund for Theological Education (FTE)

FTE is a leading national advocate for excellence and diversity in Christian ministry. Its work supports the next generation of leaders among pastors and scholars. FTE provides fellowships and a network of support to gifted young people from all denominations and racial/ethnic backgrounds - encouraging those with gifts for leadership to consider vocations in ministry and teaching and nurturing them in their exploration and study.

Teaching & Research Assistants

Graduate students are required to fulfill the position Teaching or Research Assistant while at LSTC. A small stipend is paid for these services.

International Students

LSTC works together with many church agencies to assist International students with financial aid. For more information, contact the graduate office.

African-American & Hispanic Students

LSTC can recommend candidates to apply for the Fund for Theological Education or the Hispanic Theological Initiative. The graduate office at LSTC will assist you with information on how to apply for these grants.

Lutheran International Students

Please contact the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America, Division for Global Mission for further information:

Tammy Jackson
Director for International Leadership Development
Global Mission Unit Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
8765 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631
United States

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