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The Gruber Rare Books Collection and Other Rare Books

The Gruber Collection was assembled by L. Franklin Gruber, President of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Illinois. Its focus is on 16th century Reformation materials. Annotations prepared by Ralph W. Klein and Edgar Krentz.

There are more than 300 books from the 15th to 18th centuries in the LSTC Rare Book Collections, with the vast majority coming from the holdings of L. Franklin Gruber (1870-1941), the former president of the Maywood seminary.

The works fall into the following categories: works written by Luther himself (about 80) and original copies of several of his letters; copies of Luther’s Bible translations from 1522-1534; works, including original letters, by Phillip Melanchthon; other Reformation era documents; Lutheran confessions of the 16th century; pre-Reformation Bibles; and English Bibles of the 16th and 17th centuries. In addition, there are fourteen Greek New Testament manuscripts from the 9th to the 13th centuries.

Joseph Sittler Archives

"The Expanding Scope of Grace"
Developed in partnership between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and LSTC. This site celebrates the life and work of Sittler, 1904 - 1987, a pastor and theologian of the church who taught at LSTC and saw God active in all spheres of human life as well as throughout the cosmos (e.g., "Polish Sausage, St. Augustine, and the Moral Life").

Links include: About Sittler
By Sittler
Multi-media (audio, video, art, and text)

Old Testament and the Ancient Near East

The Website of Ralph W. Klein, Christ Seminary-Seminex Professor of Old Testament.

Resources for research (articles, commentary recommendations, history charts, etc.)

Menus: Old Testament
Ancient Near East
Documents by RWK
Institutions, Academic & Ecclesiastical
Miscellaneous (Art, Search Engines, etc.)

Web of Creation
Ecology Resources: Transforming Faith and Society

Developed and overseen by David Rhoads, LSTC professor of New Testament

Educational resources pertaining to eco-justice (e.g., worship, education, buildings and grounds, advocacy)

Home Page links include:
Adopt the Green Congregation Program
Restore the Earth: Transforming Society

Zygon Center for Religion and Science

The Center is a partnership between LSTC and CASIRAS (Center for Advanced Study In Religion And Science). Its purpose is to enhance the dialogue between religion and science through research, outreach, and teaching.

Menu includes: Epic of Creation (fall public lecture series)
Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science (spring class)
Events (e.g., HIV-AIDS conference, art exhibit)
Student Society

The Zygon Journal of Religion and Science is independent of the Zygon Center. The Journal is published on behalf of CASIRAS and IRAS (Institute on Religion in an Age of Science) by Blackwell Publishing. It can be found on the Center's "Links" menu.

Additional Faculty-Developed Websites:

Biblical Performance Criticism. Developed and maintained by David Rhoads, Peter Perry and Klaus-Peter Adam. (

Vitor Westhelle - "Westhelle Turf" (

Phil Hefner's Blog:

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