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Lifelong Learners: Online Learning

The Internet can be a great place for theological exploration.

In an online course, you’ll be part of a small group that “meets” for several weeks. Within a given period—for example, one week—you and your cyber-classmates read common material (often available electronically) and contribute your reflections, at your own pace.

Though you may never meet in person, you’ll get to know each other surprisingly well. People who have taught and taken online courses have found that the quality of discussion is different than that in a live classroom. Everyone—not just the first to speak, or the loudest—participates. You can take time to be more thorough with your comments.

Or test the waters by visiting a website on a particular topic.

As you surf, links will guide you to the information you seek. The search itself will likely draw you in deeper, inspire you with new questions, and lead you to knowledge—perhaps even wisdom.

Sample Seminary through Online Courses

Have you thought about taking a course at the Lutheran School of Theology but couldn’t make it to campus? Would you like to get a taste of seminary by taking a course online? This year, LSTC is offering four first-year seminary courses online. It’s a convenient way to test the waters of seminary study.

The following courses have been offered in the fall 2013 semester:

BL-307B Biblical Greek

This online course, taught by Dr. Peter Perry, introduces fundamental Greek grammar, vocabulary, and exegetical tools necessary for the use of the Greek New Testament.

BL-310B Pentateuch and Wisdom Literature

The purpose of this course is to survey the content and the basic hermeneutical issues of the Pentateuch and the Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament, to study selected pericopes from these books on the basis of the English Bible, to acquire a working knowledge of the political and theological history of Israel from its beginnings through the end of the United Monarchy, and to practice applying the biblical message to today's issues. This course will be taught by Dr. Scott Chalmers.


And these courses are being offered in the spring 2014 semester:

B-332 Life and Letters of Paul

The primary goal of this course is understand Paul’s ministry and letters in the context of the first century world. The emphasis will be on interpreting the distinctive message of each letter as a response to particular issues and circumstances in the Pauline communities of Christ within the environment of Greco-Roman society. Students will interpret Paul’s letters and explore themes in his theology and ethics. Professor TBA.

H-302 Church History II

Church History II offers an introduction to world Christianity since the Reformation. Taught by the Rev. Dr. Peter Vethanayagamony, the course provides a broad perspective of the movements which have shaped the Christian community to the present time.

To find out more about LSTC’s online courses, contact Scott Chalmers, director of admissions, at or 773-256-0727.

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