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Here you will find a list of many common terms used by people at LSTC.

  • ACTS - The Association of Chicago Theological Schools, a 12-seminary consortium that allows students to cross-register at no additional cost.
  • Candidacy - ELCA churchwide process of preparation and formation for rostered ministry.
  • CCME - Center for Christian-Muslim Engagment for Peace and Justice
  • Common Room - Room 350 at LSTC. It's above the Augustana Chapel and lots of great events happen here.
  • CORE - LSTC's student government for those students pursuing their master's degree.
  • Covenant Cluster - working theological resource relationship between Wartburg Theological Seminary, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, and LSTC
  • CPE - Clinical Pastoral Education, a supervised experience of pastoral ministry where students are in direct ministry to people, open to students in any degree program. Students report and evaluate their experiences and receive feedback from peers and supervisors in a small-group setting.
  • CTS - Chicago Theological Seminary, located three blocks south of LSTC
  • CTU - Catholic Theological Union , located about a mile east of LSTC
  • Currents - Theological journal published by LSTC in cooperation with Wartburg and Pacific Lutheran
  • The Door - LSTC's student newsletter, published weekly during the academic year.
  • E.pistle - Regular electronic newsletter published by LSTC
  • Epistle - Magazine of LSTC
  • Field Ed. - Field Education Office.
  • Free Bs - LSTC community "hang out" spot in the basement of 1118 East 54th Place.
  • GIF - Growth in Faith are non-graded workshops and retreats that focus on soul care and nurturing intimacy with God. Required for M.Div. students.
  • The Grand Hall - The hallway at the south end and overlooking LSTC's courtyard. Informal events and receptions often take place here.
  • Green Zone - LSTC designation as "a geographic area in which lifestyle and activities promote a healthy environment and where the people are committed to the healing of creation." LSTC community organization of the same name promotes care of creation.
  • GSA - Graduate Student Association, student governing body for Th.M. and Ph.D. students.
  • ISAO - International Student Affairs Office
  • Jiddler / Super-Middler - M.Div. students who have followed a different route toward graduation and currently find themselves somewhere between the three prior M.Div. classes. Jiddlers are between being Juniors and Middlers. Super-Middlers are between being Middlers and Seniors.
  • Jimmy's - Local watering hole. Official name is The Woodlawn Tap. On 55th Street between University and Woodlawn. A good place to hang out and discuss systematic theology. Or anything else.
  • JKM - Library at LSTC
  • Junior - Masters students in their first year at seminary.
  • The Loop - Downtown Chicago. Called The Loop because the elevated train makes a loop around the area.
  • LRWC - Learning Resource and Writing Center, located on the third floor of the east wing, offers English language tutoring for those for whom English is a second language. Also offers course and workshops on study methods and cross-cultural challenge of living and studying in a foreign country. A gathering place for many cultures at LSTC.
  • Maymester - Begins the day after LSTC's commencement. Offers one- or two-week long intensive courses.
  • McCormick - Presbyterian seminary located just north of LSTC.
  • MIC - Ministry in Context, a second-year M.Div. supervised field education experience in a local congregation.
  • Middler - M.Div. in their second year at seminary. This year is primarily defined as the year M.Div. students have an MIC site.
  • The Process - You should trust it.
  • The Refectory - A fancy name for LSTC's cafeteria.
  • Regenstein - University of Chicago library
  • SCUPE - Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education.
  • Senior - Masters students in their last year at seminary.
  • The Shelf - A lounge / study space on the second floor of the east wing of LSTC. Has lots of vending machines and is good for small group meetings.
  • The Shoe - Also known as The Presidential Shoe. The trophy awarded to the winner of the annual student vs. faculty/staff basketball game.
  • Spiritual Direction - Practice of meeting one-on-one with and experienced spiritual director to explore what God is doing in one's life.
  • TEEM - Theological Education for Emerging Ministries.
  • Thesis 96 - Student group that works toward full inclusion of LGBT persons in the life of the church.
  • YIM - Youth in Mission.
  • Zygon - Zygon Center for Religion and Science (ZCRS)
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