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Community Life

To build community in any place takes commitment and community life is a deep value at LSTC. There are many ways in which students take leadership in creating meaningful community life both institutionally and informally. The Dean of the Community guides and supports these initiatives.

Since LSTC is a Green Seminary, the whole community is involved in recycling and caring for our earth home. The Growth in Faith program nurtures students' spiritual lives through a variety of times and spaces for spiritual growth.

CORE is the representative Master's level student government acting on behalf of the needs of all students and their families and administering student activity fees. Each class has student representation. The GSA (Graduate Student Association) represents needs of students in the Th.M./Ph.D. program. Students are also represented on LSTC committees including Community Life, the Diversity Committee, the Standing Committee on Worship and more.

LSTC cares about families. The U.S./International Women's Friendship Circle and Parents' Night Out are two groups that meet regularly to support the whole extended community beyond students, faculty and staff. The LSTC community serves neighbors at the Living Room Café, practices stewardship of their gifts and advocates for justice.

For the past two years, LSTC has sent teams to the annual Luther Bowl hosted by the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and in 2007 were the Luther Bowl champions. There are also regular opportunities to play basketball and an annual competition between the students and faculty/staff for the President's Shoe trophy.

Wine and cheese receptions, "recess" on Tuesday afternoons, the basement lounge "Free B's," and the grassy courtyard are all popular places to gather on campus. Students study at the Shelf Lounge. Much theology is also discussed at neighborhood coffee shops and at Jimmy's, the local pub.

We are a community that fosters dialog around complex issues, serves our neighbors and creates opportunities for rest and fun.

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