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Language, Resource, and Writing Center (LRWC)

The mission of the Language Resource and Writing Center (LRWC) is to help students to develop skills through reading/writing and listening/speaking instruction. Because these skills are determined by both this educational and a variety of ministry environments, the LRWC also seeks to provide a rich global and theological context which makes learning here a relevant undertaking for today's seminary students.

Individual Tutoring

A critical way in which the LRWC both helps seminary students improve their communicative skills and advances cross-cultural learning is through individual peer tutoring services. Tutors work with students to improve their conversation, reading, and writing skills. The length and number of tutoring sessions depends upon the needs of the particular student.


The following resources are available to students:

  • Computer word processing (WordPerfect and Microsoft Word)
  • Computer reference materials (Bible Windows and other Bible language materials)
  • Reference Library (commentaries, dictionaries, and writing guides)
  • Mavis Beacon typing program
  • Computer training videos
  • Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) materials
  • Language audiotapes

Classes and Workshops

The LRWC offers classes and workshops which help students improve their language and critical thinking skills. Classes and workshops include:

  • The Summer Language Institute, an intensive English as Second Language program
  • A Study Methods for Theological Education course to help develop critical and efficient reading and writing strategies
  • Listening and Speaking Classes
  • Writing Classes
  • A Seminar in Writing for Graduate Students
  • Computer software training including Bible Windows, WordPerfect and others
  • Spanish and Korean language classes and tutoring

Additional Activities

The LRWC provides opportunities for people from the various seminary communities to gather together to share in cross cultural dialogue and social activities. Opportunities include:

  • Ongoing conversation groups
  • Picnic and community dinners
  • Movie Nights
  • Trips to Chicago's museums and cultural centers
  • Additional activities throughout the academic year
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