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Luther's Works

Publications by Luther 1521

Defense and Explanation of the Articles Condemned by the Roman Bull

Gruber 94

Gruber 94

Gruber 94 Grund und Ursach aller Artikel D. Martin Luthers so durch römische Bulle unrechtlich verdammt sind. March 1521. (Grund unnd ursach aller Artickel D. Marti. Luther: szo durch Romische bulle unrechtlich vordampt seyn). Vuittemberg. Wittenberg: Melchior Lotter, 1521. (Defense and Explanation of all the Articles of Dr. Martin Luther which were Unjustly Condemned by the Roman Bull, March 1521). Aland 114; Benzing 846; WA 7.299-457; Luther's Works 32:5-99. Grund und Ursach aller Artikel D. M. Luthers, so durch Römische Bulle...verdammt sind. Defense and Explanation of All the Articles of Dr. Martin Luther which were Unjustly Condemned by the Roman Bull. Another copy Maywood BR332.T61G (55078). First edition of German version.

This is one of four answers to the bull Exsurge Domine, that had been issued by Pope Leo X on June 15, 1520. The bull condemned forty-one theses taken from Luther's writings as either "heretical or scandalous or false, or offensive to pious ears, or dangerous to simple minds, or subversive of catholic truth." Luther issues four tracts in in rapid succession justifying his position. The last and in Luther's judgment the best is this Defense and Explanation.

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Open Letter after the Diet of Worms

Gruber 98

Gruber 98

Gruber 98 Copia einer Missive, so D. M. Luther nach seynem abscheydt zu Wormbs zurugk ann die Churfürsten, Fürsten, vn Stede des heyligen Römischen Reychs da selbest versamlet geschrieben hat. Wittenberg: Johann Rhau-Grunenberg, 1521. (A Copy of an Open Letter written as Dr. Martin Luther returned after leaving Worms). Benzing 1029 WA Br. 2.310-318; Luther's Works 50?. April 28, 1521.Click to enlarge thumbnail.

Gruber 92 Ain Missive so D. Martinus Luther Nach seym abschyd zü Worms...Im jar. MDXXI. Augsburg: Melchior Ramminger, 1521. Benzing 1043; WA Br. 2.319-329. An Graf Albrecht von Mansfeld, Eisenach May 3, 1521.


Gruber 99

Gruber 99

Gruber 99 Die gancz handlung szo mit dem Hochgelerte D. Martino Luther taglichen die weyl er auff dem Keyserlichen Reychs tag tzu Worms gewest... Wittenberg: Johann Rhau-Grunenberg, 1521. Benzing 922; Click to enlarge thumbnail.

The Gruber Collection was assembled by L. Franklin Gruber, President of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Illinois.

Annotation prepared by Ralph W Klein