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Hein-Fry Lectures

Each year the seminary hosts the Hein-Fry Lecture Series, which is underwritten by the ELCA. The goals of this endowed series are to:

  • foster original scholarship,
  • encourage broad dialogue throughout the church on a theological topic, and
  • give seminary faculty, students, graduates and friends access to leading theologians.

The lectures identify lively, pressing theological issues facing the church and stimulate intellectual inquiry and discussion of those issues not only at the eight ELCA seminaries but throughout the church.

The series grows out of prestigious traditions dating back nearly 40 years in the histories of the ELCA predecessor church bodies. The Hein Seminary Lectures were held each year at the four seminaries of the American Lutheran Church. The Fry Lectures continue and expand on the series known as the Knubel-Miller-Greever Lectures, which were held at various seminaries and other locations in the Lutheran Church in America.

The Hein-Fry Lecture Series is unique in at least two ways. First, it includes all the seminary communities within a major American denomination. This gives the series great potential for engaging both the current theological leadership and a generation of ministerial candidates in discussion of a particular theological issue. Second, since the series is presented by two lecturers, it provides for more than one point of view to be heard on a given topic.

The Hein-Fry Lectures are free and open to the public.

The Scherer Lecture

Made possible through Eleanor and Arnold Scherer Endowment Fund, this annual lecture addresses some aspect of the church’s worldwide mission, missiology, or the life of the world Christian community.

Heritage Lecture

The annual Heritage Lecture series is designed to provide a contemporary perspective on the Lutheran tradition. Dr. Larry Rasmussen, Dr. Albert "Pete" Pero and Dr. Mark P. Bangert delivered recent Heritage Lectures.

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