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World Mission Institute 2012

Each year LSTC hosts the World Mission Institute, which is jointly sponsored with LSTC, Catholic Theological Union and McCormick Theological Seminary for the purpose of focusing on interpreting the worldwide mission of the church. Download 2012 Conference Brochure / Download 2012 Conference Poster

“Christians in the Middle East” topic for World Mission Institute

Keynote speaker Dr. Peter E. Makari, presents two lectures at the 2012 World Mission Institute on April 12 -13. At 6:45 p.m. on April 12, Dr. Makari will present “Christians in the Midst of Change in the Middle East.” April 13 at 9:00 a.m. his topic is “Kairos—Christian witness in Palestine.” Workshops led by LSTC’s Dr. Mark Swanson; Dr. Michel Andaros, Catholic Theological Union; and Sister Luma from Iraq follow the morning lecture.

To register for the World Mission Institute, contact Dr. Peter Vethanayagamony at or 773-256-0749.

Peter E. Makari

Dr. Peter E. Makari

World Mission Institute 2012

"Christians in Middle East"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter E. Makari, Ph.D.

Dr. Makari has served as Executive for the Middle East and Europe with the Common Global Ministries Board of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since July 1, 2000. He also serves ecumenically as the Co-Chair of the National Council of Churches’ Interfaith Relations Commission.

April 12 - “Christians in the Midst of Change in the Middle East”

Since early 2011, movements for change throughout the Arab world have captured the imagination of observers worldwide. The “Arab Spring” has morphed into Summer, Fall, and Winter, with various records of progress. Political and social changes have impacted communities in a variety of ways. The impact of these movements on the Christian communities in Egypt and Syria will take time to be resolved, but it is worth considering the impact on these historic populations, including their degree of participation and the responses to emerging realities. This session will address these questions and offer some insight into potential future scenarios.

April 13 - “Kairos—Christian witness in Palestine”

“Kairos—A Moment of Truth” in December 2009, they hoped it would have a broad impact, and it has. What has Kairos contributed to the global discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how has it been received? What impact has it had on advocacy and on interfaith relations? And what has been in the impact on the Christian Palestinian community? In this session, we’ll consider this important document.

Workshops led by Dr. Mark Swanson (LSTC), Michel Andaros (CTU) and Sister Luma (Iraq)


Thursday, April 12

6:00-7:00 pm Registration

7:00-7:15 pm Welcome

7:15- 8:00 pm Keynote “Christians in the Midst of Change
in the Middle East”

8:00-8:25 pm Q & A

8:30-9:00 pm Reception

Friday, April 13

9:00 am Welcome

9:15-10:25 am Keynote

“Kairos—Christian Witness in Palestine”

10:30-11:00 Break

11 am–12:00 Workshops

“Developments in the Self-Definition and Understanding of Mission among the Eastern Catholic Churches in the Near East”

Dr. Michel Andraos Room 201

“Christians in Iraq: Struggle, Faith and Hope”

Sister Luma Khudher Room 202

“Keeping the Faith: Christianity in Egypt”

Dr. Mark Swanson Room 206

Follow-up with Keynote Speaker

Dr. Peter Makari Room 207

12:00 Noon Lunch Room 350

All Institute events are free and open to the public

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