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Jurisson Featured in "Women in the Early Church" ELCA Mosaic Video

Posted Dec 1, 2004

Cynthia Jurisson, Professor of American Church History at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, is featured on the newest ELCA Mosaic video, "Women in the Early Church." The video examines the contributions and roles of women early in the Christian Church's history. Jurisson has researched and written on women's roles and male theologians' attitudes towards women through the course of Christian history.

"There are a number of women in every epoch of church history who have answered the call," Jurisson states in the video. "Though we do not have a lot of information about women in the early Christian Church, we have enough to suggest both that women made significant contributions and that then, as now, church leaders were often uneasy with women in positions of leadership."

Mosaic videos are 30-minute programs on DVD and VHS designed for use in congregational adult education forums. Four videos are produced each year and may be purchased as a subscription ($50.00) or as individual copies ($19.95). Each video comes with a study guide. For more information about "Women in the Early Church," visit

Cynthia Jurisson joined the LSTC faculty in 1989, with degrees from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, N.D.; Luther Northwestern Seminary and Princeton Theological Seminary. Her primary areas of research are religious experience and practice in the U.S., and the history of Christian thought, with particular attention to ecclesiology, doctrine and the history of women in Western Christianity. Jurisson is a frequent teacher and speaker throughout the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on the topics of ecclesiology, spirituality and Lutheran theology.


Jan Boden
Director of Communications

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