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Boleyn, Wynard join LSTC staff

Posted Aug 25, 2011

Julie Boleyn (2010, M.Div.) and Lucy Wynard (middler, M.Div.) have joined the Lutheran School of Theology staff to support teaching and learning in two different, but essential ways. Boleyn is serving as LSTC’s Teaching and Learning Technologist, a position established in 2010 to support faculty, staff, and students’ use of technology for teaching and learning more effectively.  She will also coordinate LSTC’s Stewards of Abundance Financial Education Project. Wynard is assisting both the Dean of Students and the Cornelsen Director of Spiritual Formation. They both started on July 18, 2011.

“We are grateful for the skills and experience that each of these women bring to their work at LSTC. As the seminary moves forward with its Envisioning Process this year, Julie and Lucy will help us evaluate and possibly reconfigure the positions they now hold,” said Acting President Philip L. Hougen.

Teaching and learning technologist

With experience in management and technology, Julie Boleyn is well-suited to serve as Teaching and Learning Technologist. She has worked for Extensis Corporation, Holden Village, and Planned Parenthood. In her part-time position, Boleyn will make improvements to LSTC’s portal, coordinate a Wabash consultation with faculty, train faculty on Adobe Writer, and provide support to students and faculty on academic technology with particular attention to the online courses LSTC offers.

Jeff Fitzkappes (Th.M./Ph.D.) will continue to serve as Teaching and Learning Technologist to assist with this work.

The two part-time positions are funded by a grant from the Floy L. and Paul F. Cornelsen Charitable Foundation.

For a list of online courses see

Helping students reduce debt

As coordinator of LSTC’s Stewards of Abundance Financial Education Project, Boleyn will help students understand how they can keep their educational loans at a minimum. The Stewards of Abundance Project involves all ELCA seminaries and is funded by the Lilly Endowment and the ELCA with matching funds from each school.

LSTC will be enhancing the stewardship education programs for students that it has had in place for a number of years through its Tithing and Stewardship Foundation.

Making life at LSTC easier for students

Lucy Wynard’s experience as a lecturer at Brest State University in Belarus and as administrator for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students has helped her work with international students and their families as they travel to and from Chicago. Wynard has directed exchange programs, planned and hosted national conferences, and worked as a campus minister. Her duties at LSTC include assisting international students with necessary paperwork, producing the student handbook, compiling information for the campus directory and assisting with student orientation.


Cheryl Hoth,
Assistant to the Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Terrence Baeder
Dean of Students, Director of M.A. and M.Div. Programs

Jan Boden
Director of Communications

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