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Dr. Kathleen D. Billman to Conclude Her Service as Dean at End of 2006-07 Academic Year

Posted Jun 13, 2006

The Rev. Dr. Kathleen D. Billman announced her decision to return to full-time teaching at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, effective June 30, 2007. Billman will continue to serve as dean through Spring 2007 to guide the seminary through the re-accreditation process which will also conclude at that time.

"The seminary received Dean Billman's letter of intent to return to full-time teaching at LSTC with a mixture of deep regret, profound gratitude for her excellent service as Academic Dean, and great hopefulness for her future endeavors," said LSTC President James Kenneth Echols. "Thanks be to God for her numerous contributions and outstanding leadership as LSTC's chief academic officer."

During her seven years in the dean's office, Dr. Billman has been instrumental in major changes in the life of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago: closer collaboration with McCormick Theological Seminary, a new academic calendar and a new curriculum, more online courses, a new integrated database system and the hiring of six new faculty members. Her last year in office will see the completion of a self-study and 10-year re-accreditation process for LSTC.

"The culmination of our Self Study next year will launch us into the future," Billman wrote in her letter, presented to the board of directors at their recent meeting. "This is a ‘ripe' moment for LSTC, and a propitious time to consider what gifts of vision and leadership are needed for the next stretch of road in the Dean's office."


Jan Boden
Director of Communications

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